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We have upgraded our oil change service bays into Quartz Auto Service (TQAS) which offers high-quality and fast service provided by trained and competent staffs who promise to honor their commitments. The pit stop concept offers the promise of 30 minutes maximum timer spent on your car for service. Currently we have more than 44 centers in the country. Customers can also use their TotalEnergies fuel cards to pay for services in TQAS. 

We commit to provide

  • Tailored, High-quality products 
  • Clear and displayed services: No additional charges without the customer’s approval, free estimates and invoices that match the estimate. 
  • Efficient service: Competent, trained and qualified staff, modern, high-quality equipment and tools. 
  • A clean, accessible and well-organized shop floor: A well-designed shop with catchy signage and visible logos, a welcoming environment in a clean and well-organized venue. 


Our TotalEnergies oil change center offers you 

  • Quality lubricants 
  • Quick and high-quality service 


We provide your car with extra service and professional advice to meet your expectations. We promise:

  • To attend to your car with or without an appointment 
  • A Quick service within 30 minutes only 
  • Fixed and displayed price rates 
  • Verifications and top-ups of levels of fluids: brakes, coolant, windshield washer fluid, power steering liquids and transmission. 
  • Verification of the state of belts, lights, cockpit lighting, air filters, tyres, validity of safety equipment or bulbs, extinguishers, safety jacket and hazard triangle.