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Engine cleanliness, what is it exactly?



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For petrol engines: EXCELLIUM PETROL prevents up to 93%(1)of inlet valves fouling on indirect injection engines. It keeps the admission system clean


For diesel engines: EXCELLIUM DIESEL prevents up to 89%(1) of injector fouling.



How can a fuel maintain engine performance over time?



Regular use of EXCELLIUM fuels keeps the injection system and the inlet valves clean.

  • For petrol engines: by keeping the engine admission system clean, EXCELLIUM PETROL ensures
  • excellent quality of air/fuel mixing, and therefore preserves the performance of your engine over its lifetime.
  • For diesel engines: EXCELLIUM DIESEL maintains the power of your engine over time thanks to the protection of the injectors against deposits.


Moreover, EXCELLIUM fuels protects metal components against corrosion due to water presence (caused by condensation, rain, sprays…) which might harm some parts of your engine’s fuel system.




What about consumption reduction?
A fouled engine can increase the fuel consumption of your engine, this is why it is essential to keep it clean to maintain its efficiency. EXCELLIUM contains detergents that reduce the engine fouling and so reduce the fuel consumption.




Are polluting emissions reduced with all the products of the EXCELLIUM range?
Indeed, whether using EXCELLIUM PETROL or EXCELLIUM DIESEL, CO2 emissions are directly reduced thanks to the reduction in consumption.


(1) In comparison with fuel with no specific additives. Prevents up to 89% of injector fouling on diesel engines, tests performed on November 2015 on a test bench on compliance with the reference method CEC F-23-A-01. Prevents up to 93% of inlet valve fouling on indirect injection gasoline engines, tests performed in November 2015 on a test bench in compliance with the reference method CEC F-05-93.Results can vary depending on the type of a vehicle.